Annotation Type FileProperty

public @interface FileProperty

Declares that the bean property that corresponds to the annotated setter will be used to inject an uploaded submission file. The property type should be UploadedFile, and the file will be added to the previous submission that has been declared.

If no submission has been declared beforehand, either through Submission or SubmissionHandler, an exception will be thrown when the annotations of this element are evaluated.

When the element is processed and the file was uploaded through its submission, the corresponding instance of UploadedFile will be injected into the element through the setter.

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Geert Bevin (gbevin[remove] at uwyn dot com)
See Also:
File, FileRegexp

Optional Element Summary
 String name
          The expected name of the property.


public abstract String name
The expected name of the property.

This hasn't got any influence on the actual name that is being used for the property, but is used instead to ensure that the property name is the same as the one specified here. This is typically used to create a single point of declaration for the property name that can be referenced elsewhere and that is ensured to be correct.


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