Annotation Type Priority

public @interface Priority

Specifies a declaration priority for an element method.

The main reason is to be able to group SubmissionHandler annotations together with the related FileProperty, ParamProperty and SubmissionBeanProperty annotations.

The priority is provided as an array of integers. Each array element is compared in the natural order of the integer values, but a rightmost array element is less important than a leftmost array element.

For example:

{1} < {1,1} < {1,2} < {2} < {3} < {3,1}

This allows you to for example use the first array element to identify the submissions, and the secone one to indicate which other methods belong to those submissions.

When two methods have the same priority, they will be ordered alphabetically according to their method name.

Methods without a priority are always processed before methods that have one. This is important because it allows methods without a priority to be added to a Submission annotation that has been provided for the class.

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Required Element Summary
 int[] value
          The priority of the method that is annotated.

Element Detail


public abstract int[] value
The priority of the method that is annotated.


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