RIFE and various parts are Copyright ©2001-2006 by the following contributors:

  • Geert Bevin
  • JR. Boyens
  • Keith Lea
  • Pierre Raoul
  • Tyler Pitchford
  • Steven Grimm

It is dual licensed and distributed under the terms of either:

The CDDL offers a copy-left open-source license that doesn't have any ambiguities regarding the terms 'linking' and 'executable', which make no sense in a Java application. There is no possible viral behavior that extends beyond RIFE itself. The CDDL protects us by requiring all source modifications to RIFE to be contributed back under the same license, but imposes no restrictions at all on the use of RIFE in a commercial application.

However, to be able to combine RIFE with a GPL license, a stronger copy-left license is required. In this case, the LGPL can be selected.

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